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>> we hope you are waking up and are going to have a great day. you are watching "fox & friends first" this morning. i am ainsley earhardt. >> we begin with a scare in the air for passengers on a plane. he tried to open the emergency exit during the flight forcing an emergency landing the suspect was taken into questioning, the man didn't appear to be intoxicated or unruly. they are trying to figure out why a b-1 bomber crashed yesterday injuring four air force members. the two pilots and weapons systems officers were able eject before it went down in an area in montana. they were part of the bomb wing
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at the air force base. new developments overnight in egypt. they have detained the supreme leader of the muslim brotherhood. he was captured in an apartment building in eastern cairo. it is a blow from mohammed morsi. there coulden more turmoil. must be b mubarek was convicted and judge may release former leader. >> the owe pahio bam ma administratiadmi -- the obama administration may halt aid to egypt. 25 million has not been reversed yet. >> he was driving on the highway
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when his car caught on fire. >> it just started making a noise. i thought i had a flat at first. burned to a crisp. somebody is looking after me. >> the three good samaritans rushed over to pull him out of the burning car. after the incident his wife tweeted, he's fine, thank god. here's the first look at the new photos of prince george. they were taken by kate father michael in the middleton family home. will and kate and the baby are joined by the cock kerr spaniel. the golden retriever there as well. the other the smiling parents are smiling as they hold a sleeping prince george. >> now to an ex mreem weather alert to tell you about this morning. firefighters in oregon bracing for more day. the biggest concern this growing
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wildfire. it already scorched 3,000 acres. the fire is fueled by gusty winds. it is up a sleep slope difficult to access. the fire is only 10 percent contained. maria molina tracking the dangerous fires for us. >> the topography in the area it is something of concern. 25 mile per hour winds low humidity and relatively warm temperatures. all of that coupled together is going to produce an elevated fire danger across parts of the state of idaho, oregon and california. a number of red flag warnings are in effect and fire weather watches as well. another concern is that there is an isolated chance of thunderstorms. sounds like good news. you can get rainfall in some of the storms.
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the lightening bolt ourselves. we will have days and days of heavy rain. today into toom we are still expecting areas of heavy rain out there even through thursday. some of you could be looking at two, three, local lie hire amounts of rainfall. otherwise temperature wise it has been feeling like fall but that is all over the midwest and the northeast. take a look at the highs today. 94 rapid city, 92 minneapolis, 89 chicago. back to summer like conditions for us new york city 88 degrees will be the high temperature. so summer is back. >> so different than yesterday. >> thas maria. >> they were punished for not doing their jobs after the nghazi terror attacks. a brand new report overnight says secretary of state john kerry has just allowed four
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state department plies back on the job. kelly wright live in washington with more. we have no independent confirmation of that story. john kerry has decided to reinstate four state department officials to their job after they were placed on administrative leave in the after effect of benghazi. four have been told they can return to their job today, this after 8 months of being in limbo not knowing what their futures would be. the four employees were questioned extensively about the roles they played in regard to the attack on benghazi. they claimed the lives of four americans among them including ambassador chris stevens. they are place was not deemed a
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disciplinary action then under secretary of state then hillary clinton for the failures that led to the attack on benghazi. secretary kerry the report concludes study their careers and the fact that benghazi made the decision to have them reinstat reinstated. this will add fuel to the fire in the belly of those critics of the obama administration. they have expressed outrage the way they handled the terror attacks. then there's the fact that the review board conducted earlier found there were systemic failures that contributed to the vulnerability of the consulate in benghazi. critics are concerned no one has been fired or punished for those failures. >> kelly wright, live for us this morning. thank you, kelly. >> police say the murder weapon used in a double homicide last year that may involve former patriot start aaron hernandez has been found in springfield, massachusetts. police recovered the .38-caliber
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revolver after a car crash in june involving a 19-year-old. she told police during booking the gun actually belonged to a friend that she would only call chicago. police began investigating hernandez's possible involvement in the killings after he was arrested in the death of lloyd. hernandez has been charged with murder in lloyd's death and has pleaded not guilty. for the first time we are hearing the frantic 911 calls the minute after a fire claimed the lives af bride and four members of her bridal party. the fire was an accident caused by mechanical problems. >> get out, get out, get out. >> the driver of the limo will not face any criminal charges but is being fined $1,500 for
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having too many passengers in the vehicle. a judge ruled new york city stop and frisk policy is controversial. it won't stop detroit. the policy let's officers stop and search people if they have a reasonable suspicion of either committing a crime or the suspect is about to commit a crime. >> critics say it unfairly targets minorities. detroit police department says it is not racial profiling just officers doing good constitutional police work. new york city is appealing the judge's ruling. >> bad news for job seekers. unemployment rate rose in most states last month. we have a live report on that and all of your other top business story res. >> unemployment is up in washington, d.c. showing job growth is weak despite a drop in
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national jobless claim rates last week at a 6 year low. they saw the biggest he increase by 3 tenths of one percent. only mississippi had a decline from 9 percent down to 8.5 percent. unemployment fell in 8 states and was unchanged in 14 states. in seattle considering raising their minimum wage to $15 an hour. the state has the heist minimum rate at $9.19 an hour. the mayoral candidates say they will consider this. it may make it more difficult for major rekalers to operate there. wal-mart refused to accept a decision to raise minimum wage to 12.50 an hour. according to a british survey the average officer suffered death raids twice a day computer crashes and rude clients and
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computer failure. >> the survey found 51 percent of friends experience serial work with aaroning not having a proper time for lunch. they get stressed out over technology malfunctions not surprisingly 42 percent of workers are most wound up and i am patie impatient on a monday. good news, guys, today is tuesday. are you guilty of your own desk rage? tweet us at fox frien and let us know. it is 10 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up they are supposed to catch you or me if you break the law running the red light. are the cameras busting innocent
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>> people rise and shine on this tuesday morning. thank you for joining us on "fox
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& friends first". a fiery crash left one person dead and two others injured. a big rig collided with several convenientin vehicles. at least 9 vehicles were involved in the accident. including those trapped underneath the big rig. >> the kidnaper of hannah anderson slept big figures. the beneficiary of the life insurance policy. fbi agents shot them dead earlier this month. >> a gun bust in new york city's history providing more ammunition in the city's stoond frisk policy. the nypd ceasing more than 250
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firearms. robert moses is live for us in new york city with the latest details. robert? >> heather, good morning to you. mayor bloomberg has made getting illegal guns off the street in top priority of the administration. the huge bust is a major coup for him at the end of his term. the operations were on display at police headquarters yesterday. police credit a single under cover detective with making these gun buys and getting these weapons off the street. the weapons came from north and south carolina many of them aboard chinatown buses. police raised 19 people as part of this investigation. the mayor used this bust to show that the stop and frisk program here that undergone so much controversy works. >> wire tap conversations from this investigation show one of
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the gun gratraffics biggest concerns was stop, question, frisk. >> to show you what a big issue illegal out of state guns are in new york city according to city statistics in 2011, 90 percent of the guns used in crimes here in new york city came from out of state. that is the latest, live from city hall in lower manhattan this morning. laura back to you. thank you for joining us. >> the time now is 17 minutes after the top of the hour. it is time to brew on this. a 9-year-old up state new york boy just won his public library's children's reading club contest for the 5th year in a row. but instead of being congratulated he is being told to step ahead. >> the hudson falls public library director says tyler weaver hogs it and should be band. he led 63 books between june 24th and august 3rdrd. >> good for him.
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that brings us to today's brew on this question. we want to know if you think it's fair that the librarian demands he step aside after winning five times. tweet your comments to us at fox friends first or shoot us an email at we will read them later in the show. coming up next on "the rundown"" we told you about a man banned taking in a league while fighting for his country. things may change in the ncaa tournament. >> lebron james on the tax payer's dime. too big.
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>> a gunman challenged a witnesses in court yesterday who said he shot a wounded unarmed female police officer. for his part hassan has said little during the death penalty trial other than to say he was the shooter. a judge will deliberate the senate for bradley manning. he leaked hundreds of thousands of classified documents to wikileaks. manning's lawyer says he doesn't deserve a sentence that prevents him from rebuilding his life. he was convicted of 20 counts cluck 7 of espionage act. >> the coast guard trying to figure out how a 56 foot fishing
5:23 am
boat was grounded. it just missed the famous caesar's pier. >> the captain was not driving at the time one of the mates was driving. the initial report, he did state he may have fallen asleep. >> it took crews several hours to tow the boat back. they could face fines for the mishap. one of the nation's bravest heros just scoring a big victory over the ncaa. maureen steven rose now okayed to play football. the ncaa initially ruled that he couldn't because he played games in a military league while serving our country. cy arnold has more. >> just a few hours separate this interview. >> first thing i did. thank you, lord.
5:24 am
>> from this one. >> it's a slap in the face. >> the difference the major difference in his life now that this father of two is eligible to play college football. >> i am about to be 25. time is flying. i don't have that much time to sit around. got to be about business. >> the story of how his eligibility came into question ban while he was serving in the marines. played 12 games in a loosely organized league. >> like a church league. you got different churches and they decide to make teams. >> those games convincedim he was good enough to walk on. the ncaa decided he had to sit out a year because of the rec league. >> had he received money from playing these games or playing in championship games against the navy and army and air force and all that, if it was that organized i might be able to
5:25 am
understand it a little bit better. >> tsu piled. >> gave him a hug. >> he is clear in his football game blue raiders first game. >> my first step towards my dream. got to give 100 percent in everything i do. >> this decision will mean some catching up. he has been practicing with the team but wasn't received the same reps he would have received if he had been eligible all along. it's a challenge he tells me he's ready for. >> he is now in the process of reviewing eligibility for those entering college in the military. coming up does this sound like an emergency to you. >> 911. >> i am just trying to figure out what's going on. we have no tv. >> the outrageous 911 calls over
5:26 am
a cable outage. >> they were supposed to catch you if you break the law while you are driving. our red light cameras must be innocent people. >> the expendables starring sylvester stallone was the number one movie at the box office. the expendables iii just started shooting in bulgaria. i'm beth... and i'm michelle. and we own the paper cottage. it's a stationery and gifts store. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink. we didn't get into business to spend time managing receipts, that's why we have ink. we like being in business because we like being creative, we like interacting with people. so you have time to focus on the things you love. infrom chase. so you can.
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why secretary of state john kerry says they do not deserve any disciplinary action. the cameras are supposed to catch drivers breaking the rules. but could they actually be targeting law abiding drivers? you need to know before you hit the road. she was dead for 42 minutes but doctors were able to bring her back to life. the amazing story coming up on "fox & friends" first as we start right now.
5:31 am
good morning to you and your family. i am ainsley earhardt. passengers of an air trance flight was going from maryland to texas. a imapassenger tried to open an emergency exit forcing the plane to make an emergency landing near memphis, tennessee. the flight landed safely and the suspect was taken into custody for questioning. >> happening today the four state department plies punished for not doing their jobs for the benghazi terror attacks will be back in cork. >> they were placed on leave including deputy assistant
5:32 am
secretary charlene lamb. raymond maxwell the only one to lose his job after benghazi was cleared to return. maxwell was the deputy assistant secretary for that region. he says he was a scapegoat. they have detained the leader of a muslim brotherhood. he was captured in an apartment building in eastern cairo. it was a major blow to the party mohammed morsi. pat leahy has secretly cut off aid to egypt. they have not definitively said whether the ouster was a coup. $585 million has not been disbursed. >> do you remember the employees setting up brothels without being caught? >> what do you think of my ideas?
5:33 am
>> that's exactly what i would do. >> it was all over the place. thai massage, swedish massage. there are a bunch of them. >> the former top lobbyist for acorn is reportedly now running the group picked to oversee a government sponsored video contest for obama care. she is the executive director of the center for community change. the contest will give 30,000 dollars to people who create videos that prevent people from signing up for obama care. >> horrifying ordeal for the lead singer of the band "the calling." he was abducted robbed and beaten by two men after leaving a music festival in michigan. listen to the 911 call made by his manager after the singer was found on the side of the road. >> he is bleeding all over the place.
5:34 am
>> where did you find him? >> he was down the road he was missing for a couple of hours. >> he had 50 skichs to the spine and tlae broken teeth. the suspects took off in a mini van and are still on the lose. >> firefighters in oregon bracing to for a tech hick day. the biggest concern is a growing wildfire already pushed 3,000 acres smashinged by lightening the fire is fueled by gusts of wind with flames running up steep slopes that are difficult for the firefighters to get access to. the fire right now only 10 percent contained. it has been burning for two weeks. maria molina is tracking the dangerous fires for us. >> we have other ones as well across california, parts of idaho. a widespread area dealing with wildfires right now. the weather is really not
5:35 am
cooperating. we are talking low humidity strong winds gusting over 35 miles per hour. also warm temperatures out here. so all of those conditions are keeping an elevated fire danger in place elevated flag warnings across california, oregon and off to the state of idaho. not even for today but tomorrow and also into your thursday. we have a chafrnce for isolated thunderstorms. some of those storms could produce lightening. something else we can keep an eye on. areas of heavy rain and flooding the next couple days is we are expecting more rain for two, 3 in the state of georgia and also the florida panhandle. in the west and northeast now we are seeing a significant shift.
5:36 am
93 degrees for your high temperature 94 in rapid city. heating up in new york city today we will be reaching a high temperature at 88 degrees. >> thank you maria. >> the standoff between a british newspaper and national security agency has now intensified and there are new questions this morning about the security of your cell phone data. doug luzader is live in washington with the latest. good morning, doug. >> the guardian newspaper behind all of the nsa leak stories said the british television agents have seen the destruction of hard drives to make sure no more information sees the light of day. edward snowden was detained after being at the airport for nine hours. he had his memory devices
5:37 am
ceased. they were tipped off about it. >> it was provided by the british government. this is something that we had an indication it was likely to occur. it is not something we requested. >> they may not have opposed it either. >> i think the white house has caused credibility. they have been offering with a deficit of trust from the area of surveillance for the past few years. they have been saying one thing publically to congress and to the courts. they have been taking place behind closed doors. the "washington post" meantime reports that there is another privacy issue emerging about drel phone data. if you are arrested can the police take your cell phone and rifle through all of the desks e-mails text messages, voice
5:38 am
mails call records. you name it without a warrant. the obama administration says yes. it could go all of the way to the supreme court. >> the murder weapon used in a double homicide. hernandez has been found in springfield, massachusetts. police recovered the .38-caliber revolver in a car crash. she told police during booking the gun actually belonged to a friend she would only call chicago. police began investigating hernandez after he was arrested in connection with the death of o owden lloyd. he has pleaded not guilty. >> ak fore and former disney star lee thompson young has died in an apparent suicide.
5:39 am
they found his body with a self-inflicted gun shot wound inside his home. they went to check on him when he didn't show up to work. he rose to stardom in jet jackson. lee thompson young was 29 years old. >> there's another health scare for joe bide dans son joe. he is waking up after dealing disoriented and weak. this happened during a family vacation last week to indiana. right now he is being evaluated. 44-year-old suffered a mild stroke in 2010. he also served a year in iraq 2008, 2009 with the national guard. >> the time is 39 mints after the top of the hour. coming up for you a warning about a new bank scam targeting people just trying to rebuild their credit. the warning that you will want to hear.
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>> does this sound like an emergency to you? >> i am trying to figure out what's going on we have no tv. >> she doesn't have a tv. more on the 911 calls about a cable outage. right now, 7 years of music is being streamed. a quarter million tweeters are tweeting. and 900 million dollars are changing hands online. that's why hp built a new kind of server. one that's 80% smaller. uses 89% less energy. and costs 77% less. it's called hp moonshot. and it's giving the internet the room it needs to grow. this&is gonna be big. hp moonshot. it's time to build a better enterprise. together.
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>> the sun is coming up. a new report finds what many drivers have long thought. yellow lights are too quick. but is it all in part to catch drivers on those red light cameras? wnyw reporter is live in jersey city new jersey this morning
5:44 am
with more on this. >> good morning. >> good morning. if you see a flash of light through out my report that is a red light camera going on. it looks like a strobe light. as i begin to tell you about this issue this morning emergency emergencyians are always complain being the red light cameras. they only last a few seconds. that a appears to be true. this is jfk boulevard. this light is supposed to be a yellow light. it is supposed to be three seconds. set up a camera to monitor the yellow light. he said it was only 2.8 seconds. that may not seem like anything to someone who doesn't live here or doesn't tral through the intersection but that is the reality between getting a ticket and not getting a ticket. we are talking about $85 at a
5:45 am
clip. this goes to show you it is a big money maker here in new jersey. that is the latest from jersey city. >> heather over to you. >> we talked about this yesterday but now we are hearing one of those 911 calls made to connecticut police sunday night after a major cable outage during pram tiime time. >> 911. >> i am just trying to figure out what is going on. we have no tv. >> 911 is for life threatening emergencies. >> i know that. i know that. >> cablevision says there was a commercial power failure in the facility. the issue was resolved within 6 hours. >> miraculous story to tell you about from australia. a mother of two brought back to life after being declared clinically dead for 42 minutes after suffering a major heart attack she was rushed to the
5:46 am
hospital where doctors pronounced her dead. but this morning she is alive and well thanks to a new high-tech cpr machine. while the machine kept blood flowing to her brain surgeons shocked her heart back to normal rhythm. >> amazing. >> we have a new and scary banking scam to warn you about. it is targeting consumers who want to rebuild their credit. let's turn to diane macedo from fox business network with a laif report. >> the new scam is coning people out of hundreds of dollars by offering them fake sem my secure credit cards. the office of the comptroller has already sent the letter to u.s. bank executives as well federal and state legislators warning them of the scam run by freedom gold club. according to the club they contact people by mail offering them the seek cursecured cards m
5:47 am
500 to $900. it is associated with a fictional bank and times credit one bank which is real but has no connection to the club or card agreement. when they send in the money thinking they are investing in something that helps rebuild their credit the checks are cashed by bradford c. edge the second and the victims never receive the credit card. you can find or submit information on the scam. in the meantime we want to make sure the viewers know to keep an eye and an ear out for this. the time now is 10 minutes to the top of the hour. it seems he really is the king. the royal stream lebron james got on the taxpayer's dime. >> it really is a ring of fire. the death defying stunt behind this picture. first let's check in with brian kilmeade to see what's coming up
5:48 am
on "fox & friends." >> first off it is very humid in the studio. i heard your steed yo is perfect. we are working on hours. coming up straight ahead on the show governor scott walker joins us live. if you think the fruit juice is good for you, spit it out. soda might be better. and we are going to meet the 12-year-old who saved his neighborhood from an 8-year-old gator who was on the move. anna kooiman, or chef marcus danielson who does not want me to touch him. i can't always keep my kids' socks clean.
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well, lebron james was hoping for a fast break, but this video leading to a foul
5:52 am
call. >> likely escort on the wrong side of the the street. heading to a big homey concert, j.t. holler. >> that's the nba star posting video of a miami police officer giving him a personal escort to the jay-z concert friday. that officer is under investigation. the officer gave the escort because jay-z refused to start without lebron. heather. >> does ashton kutcher get the job done in his latest role? >> it takes guts to drop out like you did. >> it comes with the expense of experience. >> his portrayal of steve jobs not even close. that's according to steve wozny yack. he's the cofounder of apple. he said the movie is filled with fiction about jobs including how much he knew technically.
5:53 am
a lot of what is wrong with the movie is how kutcher viewed jobs. kutcher said wozniak is being critical because he's helping with another movie about jobs. wozniak said that's disingenuous. a daredevil's attempt to break a world record. >> on his motorcycle blasting through that tunnel of fire. it's longer than a football field. the temperature inside, 2,000 degrees. did he break the record? you'll have to watch tonight. we'll find out. the dallas cowboys really are america's team. a brand-new study found that the cowboys have the most loyal fan base in the nfl. the study looked at things like fan attendance on game day and the size of the market and if
5:54 am
fans still came if the team didn't do well. what team is second? that would be the patriots. as for the least loyal fan base, the raiders. 0 do you agree or disagree? tweet us at foxfriendsfirst. coming up next they were put on leave after the benghazi attacks. now they're back on job at the state department. the reason why? and everything else you need to know. this boy was asked not to enter a championship. is that fair? we'll ask next.
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
it is now 57 after the top of the hour. before you love the house here is what is happening today. firefighters in oregon battling a growing of with. it's already scorched 3,000 acres started by lightning. and the state workers will
5:58 am
be back at work today after the benghazi attacks. john kerry said they do not deserve military action. and bradley manning prosecutors said he deserves a six-year sentence for leaking classified documents to wikileaks. time to take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first, the good. a long-lost ring belonging to an american pilot taken prisoner during world war 2:00 made it back to his family 60 years later. a couple found the ring and used the internet to track them down. the pilot died in 1994. next, a teen burglar would be an unsuccessful santa when he became stuck in a chimney of a home. firefighters had to use a rope and truck to get him out. finally the ugly. here goes, it's going to the
5:59 am
wrong way, oh, my gosh. >> well, turns out -- yeah, well, not everyone is made to be a lumberjack, the tree falling right on the roof of a home. this guy learning the hard way. sometimes you just have to pay a professional to get the job done. >> paying a big price for that, too. >> time for the question of the day responses. earlier we told you about the 9-year-old new york boy who just won his public library's children's reading club contest for the fifth year in i arow. instead of being congratulated, he's being told to step aside. the public library director said tyler weaver hogs the competition and should be banned. earlier we ask you if you think it's fair the librarian demands he step aside after winning five times and here's some of your responses. joel lean tweeted that he should be held an

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